Viral sensation 'Bernie Baby' dies of SIDS

Viral sensation 'Bernie Baby' dies of SIDS

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FBMD01000a9c0d00003d370000266a0000ed70000055760000d79500002dde0000c4e7000039f2000076fb000026830100Souxsie Lomas via Facebook

“Bernie Baby” Oliver Lomas, who became a social media sensation for his Sandersesque looks, reportedly died of SIDS.

The social media star and four-month-old Bernie Sanders lookalike known as “Bernie Baby” has died of SIDS, according to posts on his mother’s Facebook page.

Oliver Jack Carter Lomas skyrocketed to Internet fame this election cycle when he appeared in social media pics dressed in a messy white wig and large Sanders-style glasses.

Part of a movement of Sanderseque babies, Oliver “brought smiles to not only his family, but to millions online,” according to an online memorial page.


FBMD01000ab6030000181a0000153c0000373c00007e3c0000574f00000b7800001e7e0000407e0000777e00009ce00000Souxsie Lomas via Facebook

Before his untimely death, Bernie Baby got a chance to pose with his style icon.

The infant got to meet his style icon in February when his mom brought him to a Las Vegas rally and the 74-year-old candidate posed for a few adorable pics with his younger doppelganger.

The little tyke reportedly died on Feb. 25 and four days later his mother took to social media to share her grief.

“Oliver Jack Carter Lomas,” she wrote, “I love you dearly, I love you most. I love you with all my heart and soul. I know that God will keep you near since God and truth are here.”

@BernieSandersBrigade honored the little politician with a moment of silence on Sunday.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help handle funeral and counseling expenses.

By Thursday afternoon, the crowdfunding effort had raised more than $ 17,000.

The memorial service is slated for Monday in Los Angeles

“Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come,” according to the GoFundMe page.

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