GOP's abortion circus distracting from real issues

GOP's abortion circus distracting from real issues

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Trump's Whoa v. Wade ruling: If abortions are banned, there needs to be 'some form of punishment' for women who still have them.New York Daily News

Donald Trump and everyone else’s obsession with abortion helps the GOP ignore more pressing issues for women.

News flash: The right wing is leading left-wing feminists around by their nose rings and using abortion as the bit strap. Too bad nobody has the balls to admit it.

This single-focus issue is a simple way for them to keep women in their place without bothering to expend a lot of political capital. Unfortunately, we pro-choice women fall in line faster than Rockettes at the Christmas show.

Worse, that tactic works equally well for left wing pols, who portray themselves as the only ones who can save this law from being repealed.

What a great and easy way for all of these sleazebags to keep us focused on that one issue so they can get us to ignore all the unresolved issues that face women every day.

Abortion is such a flashpoint that it even threatens to derail Donald Trump’s speeding freight train — a train that has increased speed with each and every one of his racist or sexist comments. Until now.

Unless you’ve been in a self-induced media coma, you know that the formerly pro-choice Trumpster was tricked by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews last week into saying that if abortions were banned, women who have them illegally should face punishment.

The Donald was so taken aback by the backlash that even he attempted to walk back his answer.

First, he put out a statement saying “The issue is unclear and should be put back into the states for determination.”

Protesters demonstrate in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in the morning as the court takes up a major abortion case last month.KEVIN LAMARQUE/REUTERS

Protesters demonstrate in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in the morning as the court takes up a major abortion case last month.

Then, “The doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman.”

Everything he said, however, only served to make everyone madder, especially feminists.

And, as expected, a massive feminist Pavlovian national salivation (as opposed to salvation) commenced.

“Don’t you dare punish us!” “Don’t take away the one right you’ve given us in fifty years!”

Seriously? This self-righteous and misplaced anger is so embarrassingly submissive, it’s like “Fifty Shades of Grey” without the sex.

Why doesn’t anyone have the courage to tell the truth about what’s going on here?

The more politicians keep women focused on that one 43-year-old decision (part of the fourteenth amendment), the more they keep us stuck in that long and narrow tunnel where tunnel vision is the only vision we have.

How about some peripheral vision on crucial issues that also impact us in gigantic ways everyday.


Wendi Deng, ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch, has reportedly hooked up with Vladimir Putin.KEITH BEDFORD/REUTERS

Wendi Deng, ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch, has reportedly hooked up with Vladimir Putin.

Like the the U.S. senate only has 20 female senators out of 100. Like the congress has only 84 female members of out of 535. Like women still earn only 77 cents on the dollar. Like one in four women are victims of severe domestic violence. Like more than twice as many males as females are represented as characters in movies and TV. Like 49 other countries already have had female presidents. Like domestic violence is the third leading cause of homelessness among families.

But who cares? Let’s worry about a 43-year-old decision instead.


If Ostrich Legs mates with Tiger Wife will you get a new species? Or just an explosion of Botox such as the world has never seen?

Last week, Us Weekly reported that Rupert Murdoch’s used-up ex, Wendi Deng, had hooked up with Russia’s user and abuser strong man, Vlad the Impaler Putin.

Deng, who marries up as often as the rest of us get manicured, got dumped by hubby Rupert Murdoch after she cheated on the 38-years-older mogul with then-Prime Minister Tony Blair on a yacht. She’s supposedly swimming with the sharks again — this time allegedly with Russian President Vladimir Putin. They’re suppposedly trysting the nights away on a yacht owned by a Russian billionaire.

What is the moral (or lack of it?) for Deng’s marks? Don’t go in the water! Or has the Tiger Wife finally met her match in Ostrich Legs? (And yes, those are their nicknames!)

Unlike Murdoch, Putin’s exes don’t get divorces, they get disappeared.


The City of New York already pays part of the rent for charter schools, but as of Friday, the city will also be paying for one security guard for every private school (including religious schools) with 300-499 students, and two guards for private schools with 500-999 students. This will take $ 20 million out of taxpayers’ pockets — and put it into the coffers of private schools with tuitions that can run to $ 40,000 per pupil! Who put the hood in Robin Hood? The City Council, that’s who. Except they’re stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

Megyn Kelly is riled up about the lack of support from Bill O'Reilly in her feud against Trump.ron Antonelli/New York Daily News

Megyn Kelly is riled up about the lack of support from Bill O’Reilly in her feud against Trump.


Bill O’Reilly’s got her all riled up. Megyn Kelly told Charlie Rose in a “CBS Sunday Morning” interview, “I think Bill did the best he’s capable of doing in those circumstances.”

That’s Italian (Megyn’s half Italian — the important half, her mother’s side) for: “Seriously? A woman would have been much mor stand-up and told Trump what a horse’s ass he’d been to her colleague!”

“This is about journalism and the First Amendment,” she continued, “and we will put the debate moderator out on the stage that we think is appropriate. I think it’s a slippery slope when we don’t stand shoulder to shoulder in those moments.”

Kelly, a lawyer, is bringing up a legitimate point — colleague to colleague — whether you agree or not. It’s not about a man defending a woman, it’s about a colleague defending a colleague.

She’s not playing the dopey woman card, she’s playing the legit anchor card.

* Florida Sun Sentinel Rights OUT *Richard Graulich/

Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields (l.) questions Donald Trump moments before she was allegedly grabbed by his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski (r.).


Breitbart reporter/serial accuser Michelle Fields is either the unluckiest journalist in the world or she gets abused everywhere she goes. Fields has most recently accused Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of roughing her up at a campaign stop and he’s been charged. This comes on the heels of the conservative journo accusing the NYPD of knocking her down, and of inserting herself into stories instead of reporting them.

Meantime, Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg, whose office is handling the battery case, is part of Hillary Clinton’s Florida leadership “council.” Ooops.

It all just makes you want to take a long, hot shower, doesn’t it?

An interview with George Clooney was "exclusive" — and not true.JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

An interview with George Clooney was “exclusive” — and not true.


Exclusive: George Clooney just divulged his entire sex life to me. We discussed this during a one-on-one interview at his villa in Lake Como — without his wife Amal present. Yes, he likes to hang from chandeliers and yes, they like do all kinds of kinky things, which is why they are never apart for more than five minutes. Oh wait. None of that is true? Oh, sorry.

The chances of my bosses falling for that clap trap are between slim and none — right? But Hello! Magazine just printed an entirely fabricated “exclusive” with Clooney which they bought in good faith and then had to retract. Well, it was exclusive. It just wasn’t true.

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