Fiorina fires back at story stating her Senate campaign mismanaged money

Fiorina fires back at story stating her Senate campaign mismanaged money

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Carly Fiorina is lashing out at a Post story about her 2010 Senate campaign. (Charles Ommanney/The Washington Post)

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina shot back at a Washington Post story stating that her 2010 Senate campaign mismanaged its finances, including not giving a final paycheck to the widow of her pollster, who died a month before Election Day.

According to MSNBC, Fiorina assailed “the left and their allies in the media” for the story, which was based on more than two dozen interviews with staff members, friends, contractors and operatives who worked on the 2010 Senate campaign. All said there was a huge problem with the operation: It didn’t manage money well. Fiorina said Monday that The Post doesn’t “have much credibility” anymore.

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Records show Fiorina didn’t pay the widow of the pollster, Joe Shumate, at least $ 30,000 he was owed for his last paycheck. She didn’t settle about $ 500,000 worth of invoices after she lost the race — not paying most of them back until this January — but reimbursed herself nearly $ 1.3 million that she lent to the campaign.

“Occasionally, I’d call and tell her she should pay them,” said Martin Wilson, Fiorina’s former campaign manager, told The Post. “She just wouldn’t.”

According to MSNBC, Fiorina told reporters in New Hampshire on Monday that “all of our debt was paid off and everyone was paid in full.”

Fiorina has also said that a Post fact-check on the life story she tells on the trail, of her rising from secretary to CEO, is “ludicrous.” The Post fact-check states that Fiorina glosses over pertinent details of her life story.

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